Fill & Finish (Powder) 10kg

Fill & Finish (Powder) 10kg

Fill & Finish (Powder) 10kg

Key Facts

General Information

Knauf Finishing Products should be applied to Knauf Plasterboard to ensure System Performance Warranty as detailed in the GPDA's Product Compatibility Statement.

For bedding tapes and finishing joints with 30 minutes workability time. A hand applied fast-setting multi-purpose gypsum-based compound for bedding tapes and beads, as well as finishing.


Estimating Guide: To bed and fill to shoulders: 22.5m² per 5kg bag. 45m² per 10kg bag.


  • Is Knauf Fill & Finish 30 Premium a chemical-setting or air-drying jointing compound?

Knauf Fill & Finish 30 Premium is a chemical-setting product.

  • What does the 30 denote?

Knauf Fill & Finish 30 has 30 minutes working time.

  • What is the shelf life of this product?

9 months shelf life.

  • What bag sizes does Knauf Fill & Finish 30 Premium come in?

5kg and 10kg bag sizes.

  • What is the Reaction to fire (R2F) for this product?

Knauf Fill & Finish 30 Premium has an A1 non- combustible R2F.

  • How many coats of Knauf Fill & Finish 30 do I need when using it for taping and jointing?

Two coats are needed to achieve a smooth finished joint surface.

  • Do I need to clean my tools after use due to the material being a chemical-setting product?

Yes, tools should be cleaned immediately after you have finished using the product.

  • Can I use this product for square edge boards as well?

Yes, this product can be used for both board edge types.

  • Can this product be used in a 'bazooka' applicator?

No, due to this material being chemical-set, we advise against using it in bazooka applicators due to the rapid setting time.

  • Can this be used over air-drying products such as a joint filler and joint cement?

No, you should never use chemical-setting products over air-drying due to dry times being extended in the air-drying products.

  • What tools can I use with this product?

Standard jointing tools can be used with this product.

  • Can this product be used on Knauf AQUAPANEL®?

No, gypsum based products cannot be used on Knauf AQUAPANEL®.

More Information

data-sheet-fill-and-finish-30-premium1.pdf (PDF, 268.9 Kb)