Fossil Sandstone Circle

Fossil Sandstone Circle

Fossil Sandstone Circle

Sandstone Circles create a focal point and often serve to distinguish the main area for entertaining friends and family. They can also be very effective as a stand alone 'sun patio' too. Just find a quiet secluded area of your garden and create your own private retreat.


1500mm Ø Small Circle: Centre stone + Ring 1 (9 pieces)
1800mm2: Small Circle with Squaring Kit.

2400mm Ø Medium Circle: Centre stone + Ring 1 & 2 (25 pieces)
2700mm2: Medium Circle with Squaring Kit.

3300mm Ø Large Circle : Centre stone + Rings 1, 2, & 3 (41 pieces total).
3600mm2: Large Circle with Squaring Kit.

Ø = diameter

Circles are supplied as a complete kit and may also be purchased as individual rings. The information below per ring is for measurement guidance only and is approximate. Corner sets are purchased separately.

Laying Comments

The correct way to lay circles is to work from the inside outwards. Always dry lay your circle prior to installation to ensure your spacing will work out correctly and as with any of our natural stone paving products we recommend that the product is laid on a full mortar bed.

For best results and to reduce possible salt staining from the base mortar on the face, we recommend that a slurry Primer should be applied to the underside of the paving at the time of laying. Addition of SBR Bond as an additive to the base mortar mix will improve the bond of the stone and the longevity of your patio.

A Flexible Jointing Grout can be used but care must be taken not to let it dry on the surface of the paving. A traditional sand cement pointing mortar or a Jointing Compound can be used to point the paving

Natural stone paving should be laid with the chamfered edge face down.

Before committing to purchase any natural stone product it is always recommended that you visit your stockist to check the colour and texture of your chosen paving.

Each of the colour swatches reproduced here demonstrate the overall hue of a paved area. The natural colour variation of individual paving flags will vary significantly when viewed individually.