600 x 450 Galv Solid Top D/S 4 Screw 5T (51CGP-LS)

600 x 450 Galv Solid Top D/S 4 Screw 5T (51CGP-LS)

600 x 450 Galv Solid Top D/S 4 Screw 5T (51CGP-LS)

Steel Products Loading Classifications.

The domestic load classification state the gross laden vehicle weight (total weight of vehicle) of vehicles which are likely to travel over them I.E. 5 tonne gross laden weight vehicle. This is where the abbreviation GLVW is derived. Domestic products are designed only for Pedestrian to Frequent use Domestic applications.

Please also note: Steel covers and frames are only designed for slow moving traffic applications not main roads - for main roads, heavy duty D400 ductile iron covers are required.

Slow moving wheel loads are deemed to be speeds no greater than 20 mph, in low intensity trafficked areas. Where higher intensity traffic is expected, a higher classification of cover is recommended.

The rating of displayed product is highlight in Bold below.

Domestic Loading (GLVW) Domestic Application

  • Pedestrian Pedestrian Only
  • 5 Tonne Garden/Landscaped Area
  • 10 Tonne Infrequent Use Domestic Application
  • 17 Tonne Moderate Use Domestic Application
  • 25 Tonne Frequent Use Domestic Application