NHL Hydraulic Lime 3.5 (White Only)

NHL Hydraulic Lime 3.5 (White Only)

NHL Hydraulic Lime 3.5 (White Only)

Rugby® Hydraulic lime (HL) is a term for varieties of lime (calcium oxide), or slaked lime (calcium hydroxide), used to make lime mortar which set through hydration.

Generally hydraulic lime provides a faster initial set and higher compressive strength than standard air lime. It is suitable for general-purpose use for mortar/pointing or rendering and is quality assured to EN 459-1.

FeaturesMortar, Render & Plaster UsageUsed to produce durable mortar, render and plasterWater RetentionImproved water retention in mortar and renderWeather ResistantEnhanced resistance to freeze and thaw attackReduced BleedLess water bleedWater Demand ReducedLower water demandBenefitsEase Of UseEasier to work worthCohesive MixOffers a more cohesive mixAesthetically PleasingReduced risk of unsightly efflorescenceEco-FriendlyLime manufacturing process produces less carbon dioxide than ordinary cement.ApplicationsBrick & Block LayingRenderingPlasteringHistoric RestorationHeritage BuildingsGrade 2 Listed Buildings

Health & Safety

Rugby® Hydraulic Lime is an alkaline substance which can cause irritation, dermatitis or burns and should therefore be used and handled with care using protective goggles, gloves and clothing during batching, mixing and application. Safety instructions can be found in our Health and Safety Data Sheets (available on request) and also on the back of each bag. These instructions should be brought to the attention of anyone who handles or uses our products.

More Information

rugby-hydraulic-lime-datasheeet.pdf (PDF, 1.1 Mb)