Rugby Hydrated Lime 25kg

Rugby Hydrated Lime 25kg

Rugby Hydrated Lime 25kg

Rugby® Hydrated Lime is a non-hydraulic hydrated lime which complies with the high calcium classification of BS EN 459-1 CL 90-S.

It is used extensively in agricultural/horticultural applications, and building construction.

Rugby® Hydrated Lime is manufactured by calcining a high calcium limestone in carefully controlled conditions.

The quicklime produced is then crushed and hydrated to produce a fine powder with a loose bulk density of 600 kg/m3 (typical neutralising value 74% CaO).

BenefitsWorkability & Water RetentionImproves workability and water retention in mortarBetter Bonding & Reduced CrackingProvides better bond and reduces risk of crackingApplicationsRegulates Acidity In Agricultural UseTraditional Cement/Lime/Sand MortarsSoil StabilisationWater & Sewerage Treatment

More Information

rugby-hydrated-lime-materials-datasheet.pdf (PDF, 565.3 Kb)